Wednesday, August 2

ViSion Photo Contest

                                                           ViSion Photo Contest
                                                         August 3rd / August 25th
ViSion Clothing Store invites you to participate in our photo contest.
The event will start August 3rd and will end August 25th.                     
The winners prizes:

.1st place
 ► Voucher with L$7000  
 ► Fat Pack of next release - Pre-release                              
 ► Profile picture by photographer

.2nd place
 ► Voucher with L$5000  
 ► Fat Pack of next release - Pre-release                         

 .3rd place
 ► Voucher with L$3000  
 ► Fat Pack of next release - Pre-release 

.4th place  
 ► Fat Pack on item of your choice 

 .5th place  
 ► 3 single items of your choice

Note: The vouchers can be used for any ViSion product from the Main Store!


► To participate in the photo contest, you need to be part of our group "ViSion Clothing Store"
► The photos (Maximum 2) have to be sent to
  From August 3rd 10:00 AM (SLT) until August 13th 10:00 AM (SLT)

- Avatar user name (not display)
- Maximum 2 photos of your avatar dressed with ViSion Clothes
- If your photos are with friends, it is not required them to be dressed with ViSion Clothes!

Time Line:

You will have 10 days period to send us your photos.

► Starts August 3rd at 10:00 AM (SLT)
► End August 13th at 10:00AM (SLT)

ViSion Team will select 20 of the best photos, which will be placed on the 2nd floor in the Main Store and the voting will start.

► Starts August 15th at 10:00 AM (SLT)
► End August 25th at 10:00AM (SLT)

The prizes will be received on August 26th!!!

ViSion Team wishes you Good Luck and a lots of fun.

Tuesday, August 1

(ViSion} -S&F *Club Dress Brylee - Group Gift

Hey Ladies,
ViSion just placed the August Group Gift (Free Join), Dress Brylee with Exclusive color!
Brylee come with HUD for the bikini plus option show/hide :)
The dress can be purchased in other colors as well!

Sizes: Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Venus - Hourglass - Physique
Hope you like it ♥

Landmark: ViSion

Monday, July 31

{ViSion} - Dress Sofia @Cosmopolitan Event


ViSion released the first long dress "Sofia" Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Event!
Sofia dresses are available in 20 colors. Each color come with solid and ombre version plus harness in 8 colors, metal gold and silver!

Sizes: Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Hourglass
LM: Cosmopolitan

Hope you like it ♥

Monday, July 24

{ViSion} - Kristine Dress //Uber July 25th

The new sexy Dresses Kristine will be out on July 25th at Uber ♥
Honor to be part of the Uber Birthday Round ♥
LM: Uber

Available in 25 colors + 6 Exclusive in Fat Pack Version!
Each single color included:
- Dress V1/V2 (solid colors with different textures)
- Dress Ruffle - 25 colors
- Dress Straps - 25 colors
- Bikini - 25 colors + option show/hide
- Chain Necklace - gold/silver

Fat Pack Version: Discounted!
Dresses 31 colors (2V'S)
HUD // Full Customizable

Sizes: Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Hourglass
Hope you like it ♥

{ViSion} / Virginie // Epiphany // July 15th

Virginie Set Info:

Each color content:
Bra Solid/Flower
-Bra with and without bow (for use with the top)
- HUD Bra Straps and Bow

Bikini Solid/Stripe
- HUD Bikini Belt

Top Solid/Solid Transparent

Chain - Metals 8 colors / Pearls 15 colors

Black / White / Red are RARES
Sizes: Maitreya / Belleza - Freya - Isis / Slink Hourglass

Hope you like it ♥

LM: Epiphany
Mirror Sim: Epiphany Mirror Sim

{ViSion} //Lingerie Azaria // Bound Box

A quarterly subscription box by  Pale  Girl Productions featuring 12 designers creating exclusive* items geared towards the BDSM/Kinky community. First box will be available July 12th.

{ViSion} -S&F, Entwined, Essenz, ItGirls, Mon Cheri, MODA, Mossu, oOo Studio, Salt & Pepper, Voluptas Virtualis, Luas, 22769

A kiosk to pre-order this box is placed in the store, MP and in any shop listed here!
<a href=" Land/187/38/22" rel="nofollow"></a>

Lingerie Azaria included 20 colors!
 ... HUD OPTIONS (Color Change)...
-Bra/Bra Ruffles/Bra Strings
-Belt/Belt Bow
-Bikini/Bikini Middle (show/hide)
-Metals (5)
Sizes: Maitreya / Belleza (all) / Slink (both)
* July 12th the box will be released and sent!
* The price for a box purchased prior to the 12th of the month will be 1500L. 
 *  Last minute boxes will be sold for 2000L each from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm on the 12th.
 * HUDs sold between August 12 - January 10 will be sold for $3500L

Group to keep you informed: Bound Box Update Group

Saturday, July 1

(ViSion} -S&F *Bustier Melani - Group Gift July


ViSion July Group Gift
Bustier Melani with exclusive texture /Original Mesh
Melani come with HUD for the metal studs and work with mesh bodies:
- Maitreya / Belleza Freya - Isis - Venus / Slink Hourglass - Physique

LM: ViSion Store

//Note: Melani Bustier is available in 20 another colors + 13 in Fat Pack Version///

Hope you like it ♥